GOD PHARM is a new techno-thriller novel that is as terrifyingly real as it is fictitious, promising to challenge the reader's perception of history and humanity by presenting a reality that may not be far from the truth.

Thom Burke is everything a scientist shouldn't be: brash, sophomoric, and reckless. A genius millennial born with a silver spoon; all the potential but none of the drive. But when his academic project is revoked by a big UCSF donor, Thom throws away his privilege, jeopardizing his career to produce an illegal gene-modifying drug that could change someone's belief in God . . . by making them become one. What Thom doesn't realize is that a version of this drug has already been created - weaponized - and its creators will do everything in their power to suppress its knowledge. Even murder.


Now Thom and his team must search for answers in a dangerous world filled with pious hackers, vengeful geneticists and impassioned assassins. Business, Church or State - only by entering the shadow domain of global power will Thom learn the grim truth of who truly controls our civilization.


Garrett Roper is a serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He has co-founded several companies over the years and enjoys working with founders/CEOs of early stage companies. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of several private companies. He is a former CPA and holds an MBA from Rutgers University and a BA from Denison University.


Bennett Smith lives and writes in Los Angeles. A graduate of Boston College, his first feature screenplay was a finalist in the Disney Fellowship Program. He has gone on to write professionally for television, film, and more recently, video games. He also works as a director in all three of those mediums. An exhaustive list of his credited work can be found at


GOD PHARM is their first novel.




"God Pharm is a timely conspiracy thriller that will blow your mind."

-DS Kane, Author of bestselling "Spies Lie" series


"A truly enjoyable sci-fi/ thriller, with a surprising ending. Please tell me this is the first of a series!!"


"If you read this genre, this is a winner!"


"If like suspense and are of the belief that the gov't will do anything to suppress their dirty secrets - read God Pharm!"


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